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Favorite Quote: Edward Abbey, author of the book, Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness: "A venturesome minority will always be eager to set off on their own, and no obstacles should be placed in their path; let them take risks, for Godsake, let them get lost, sunburnt, stranded, drowned, eaten by bears, buried alive under avalanches - that is the right and privilege of any free American."

New Favorite Quote (Author Unnamed): And on that nice spring day when we climb aboard our bikes, we can silently acknowledge to each other the blessing that well still be in good enough health to ride again. If there is anything positive to be gained from getting older and realizing that there are fewer days ahead than behind us, its hopefully never taking for granted each precious day. Enjoy each day, no matter how ordinary it may seem.


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For a special tribute to Ed "Fast Eddie" Urbach, click here.


Road projects to watch:

NY Route 347 Safety, Mobility and Environmental Improvements Project (#005405 Ongoing)

Ocean Parkway Bikeway Tobay To Captree (#000616 completion end of 2020)

Empire State Trail (completion 2020)  (Also see: Empire State Trail Taking Shape)
New York Statewide Trails Plan